You Must Study Your Competition to Get the Most from Local SEO

Competitive Intelligence Flow Chart

RankLocal uses competitive intelligence tools for local SEO keyword selection, data analysis and revision/implementation techniques in order to give your local marketing campaign a distinct competitive advantage.

The Key to Getting More From Local SEO

To truly be successful online you should study what your competition is doing and use this information to your every advantage. Think about this, consumers are looking for the services and products that you provide and during their local search they will either find you or your competition. It’s extremely important for your business to make the right choices including highly relevant keyword selection consistent to your business offerings.  That’s where we come in. Competitive intelligence tools allow us to gather an insider’s look at your competition to see what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. We capitalize on the intelligence and data we gather, using the information obtained to make your campaign more prominent, connecting consumers to your website.

Keyword Selection

Precise keyword selection plays an integral part in local SEO and your local business marketing campaign overall. The search words with a high propensity for conversion and the highest search volume will give you a much greater ROI. Our search engineers ascertain the most popular searches for your product or service by analyzing your niche using drive down intelligence gathering.  Our success comes from constantly monitoring and optimizing your marketing campaign to achieve the best results.

Data Analysis

By analyzing local and mobile search data in your area we determine the best route in which to promote your business. Using a variety of intelligence gathering tools enables us to determine exactly how your competition is generating their leads and the methods that they are currently using. This is essentially the first step we take in order to dominate your competition.


To keep you on top of your competition we employ time tested on-site SEO techniques which consists of metadata revisions, targeted keyword implementation and overall website structuring revisions, including our our Top-Down Optimization™ services for increased local search rankings.

The Top-Down Optimization™ method allows us the ability to optimize your website for competitive keywords while allowing a master theme to pilot its parent categories. This method affords our clients the ability to compete in competitive niches while making certain that the parent and child directories within a site are directly related to and categorized correctly under the revolving master theme.

By integrating RankLocal™ Metrics  (our real-time web analytics software) and the data we get from these metrics, we gain a competitive advantage by being consistently informed of important user data and statistics. We use this data to target your local search marketing initiatives.

These are just a few of the tools we use to compliment your overall marketing objective, giving you a distinct advantage over your competition.

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