Citations for Local Search Optimization

Search Engine Optimization’s (SEO) impact on local businesses has increased substantially in the last few years. Google now provides more information than ever on local businesses and consumers have taken notice, increasingly using search to meet their everyday needs. Whether you perform a search from your desktop computer or your smartphone, if there’s a local provider in your area offering that service, there will be a “local result” there. The question is, is it your business that’s capitalizing on this trend or is it your competition? Fact is, if you serve your local community and aren’t optimized for local search then you are missing out on a huge amount of traffic.

Built By Hand Local SEO Citations for Remarkable Results

Local Search Optimization is all about sending the right signals to Google. We set up a communication line so that Google understands your business, what you do, where you are located and what your service area is. Your business has to be set up correctly from the start in order to leverage this change in consumer behavior. If this sounds like it could be beneficial to your company then contact us to get your FREE local SEO report today.

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We understand how to maximize communication from a website to Google. We use schema markup to communicate your service location. We make sure to set up a Google Local profile. Then we make sure all the important local signals are being sent, building out profiles on relevant and authoritative sites across the web.

Google uses signals from these sites in order to classify and rank sites across the web. By building these “local citations” which include your company name, business address, phone number and URL (website link) we are sending positive signals to the search engines about your company. This in-turn will build value in those communities which does two things, increases traffic from those websites along with boosting the overall search presence in Google’s eyes.

Whether your business has one location or one hundred, we can make sure that you’re optimized for local search.  If this sounds like it could be beneficial to your company then let’s talk.

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