10 of the Best Local SEO Articles To Get You Started

It’s goes without saying that local SEO is the most comprehensive method in promoting your small business online. Search becomes more specific, since customers are taking into consideration the location when searching for products and services.

With the benefits of search engine optimization in mind, you would want to be equipped with the best advice out there—articles, blog posts, and discussions on local search engine optimization. In today’s post, here are ten (10) of the best local SEO blog posts on the web that every small business owner or enthusiast should sit down and read through.

1. The Definitive Guide to Local SEO – A great starting point for your education, this post details the basic information about search engine optimization with answers to twelve (12) commonly asked questions about local search optimization.

2. The Ten Commandments of Online Marketing for Small and Local Businesses – This article lists ten “commandments” for small and local businesses invested in online marketing. Though it poses as a general overview of online marketing, you’ll find plenty of useful tips related to search engine optimization.

3. Local vs. Traditional SEO: Why Citation is the New Link – This article expounds on the importance and value of links, “citations,” the relevance over ranking, and what it means for local link-building strategy. Having been recognized as one of the “Best of 2008” by Techipedia should be able to prompt you to read through it further.

colorful building blocks4. The Building Blocks of Good Local SEO – This post lists factors that contribute to building a solid SEO foundation for small businesses. Those who are new to search engine optimization strategy will find this post useful.

5. 5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Love Local SEO – Adam Stetzer lists and explains why small businesses should invest in and love local search engine optimization.

6. Link Building for Local Search – Local links are of great value for small businesses, and this post explains why local links and link-building is important, the types of local links, and other effective local link building strategies.

7. Insiders Guide to Selecting The Right Local SEO Tools – SEO means working towards better online local search rankings for your business. This post guides you in choosing the right tools for your efforts—the benefits, how they work, and a comparison of existing tools.

8. How To Do Local SEO for Your Website in Five Minutes (Or So) – Search engine optimization may seem complicated to the budding startup, but it’s actually possible to apply basic SEO tactics immediately. Here are ten solid ways on how to do so.

9. How To Add a Business To Internet Yellow Pages Listings for Free – A comprehensive list of internet yellow pages and local listings to give small businesses a free head start.

10. Top 7 Tricks to Rank in Google Places – Every small business invested in local search knows how beneficial ranking on Google Places can be. This tip shares 7 tricks on how to get your small business to nab a spot on Google Places.

These blog posts contain valuable information on local search engine optimization and how small and local businesses can learn, apply, and eventually reap the rewards of local search marketing.

There are, of course, other best local SEO blog posts on the web (RankLocal included), but these should set the groundwork for strategy and implementation.