10 Awesome Business Blogs You Should Be Reading

Thinking of starting a small business, but are hesitant by the lack of know-how to get the ball rolling? The fear of starting a business is usually because of the lack of knowledge on how to do so, followed by how to sustain it after leaving your starting point.

One of the best ways to fill in that gap is to read business blogs that deliver excellent content with solid business advice. There are literally thousands of small business to B2B blogs on the web, so you’re stuck in choosing which ones to read as well.

Let me give you a hand by pointing you to 10 awesome business blogs you should be reading (or at least subscribed to).

1. Young Entrepreneur

Dedicated to providing solid business advice, tips, and strategies for budding entrepreneurs, Young Entrepreneur is a business blog perfect for determined startups and business-minded individuals seeking innovation, insight, and applicable strategies. It’s got articles covering small business trends, startups, business planning, finance, and more.

2. Inc.

Small Business Ideas and Resources for Entrepreneurs

With its print publication of over 30 years, Inc.com is a great place to find useful content for startups, business owners, and individual entrepreneurs. The content is especially vast and varying in topic and value, ranging from start-up strategies to sales/marketing. Whatever it is about running a business that you’re having issues with, this blog can give you that push.

3. Harvard Business Review

HBR Blog Network

The Harvard Business Review is a business blog overseen by thought leaders and selected faculty of the Harvard Business School. With its extensive discussions on the latest business research, finance, leadership, and today’s business strategies, HBR brings to the table new perspectives and insight from some of the brightest minds in the field of business and finance.

4. Signal vs. Noise

Signal vs. Noise

While it is the company blog, 37Signals’ Signal vs. Noise is a source of inspiration to those who are into business, the beauty and innovations of the web, and, of course, the 37signals suite of products. Members of the team are overall passionate about what they do, and so mall business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals can pick up a valuable tip or two that may just give their own businesses a boost.

5. Firespring

firespring logoFresh content, great business advice, and plenty of marketing nuggets of wisdom, small businesses should have Firespring’s blog on their RSS feeds. The blog tackles various topics on sales, marketing, leadership, and strategy effective enough to help your business move forward and towards success. What’s more, you’ll find a variety of resources to indulge in, from text to video.

6. Blogtrepreneur


For all of your marketing concepts and finance advice for the struggling startup, Blogtrepreneur shares plenty of solid advice to help you build your small business from the ground up. Run by award-winning authors and brothers Matthew and Adam Toren, the site seeks to help you overcome the difficulties of running a business and eventually achieving your goals as an entrepreneur of the modern age.

7. Small Business Trends

small business trends logoAs a small business owner, it pays to keep a close eye on small business trends as they move and shift. Small Business Trends, an independent online publication for small businesses and entrepreneurial minds, gives you that access to today’s news, trends, and valuable advice. The blog covers a variety of topics, including social media, marketing, and technology.

8. Workshifting


The decision to start a business is a decision to change the way we do things for a living. Workshifting is a business blog that features companies and notable individuals who have made the shift in their careers and are now pursuing projects that they hold passion and interest for. Check it out for some real-life experience and inspiration.

9. Venturebeat


Blending technology with business, Venturebeat is the go-to website for startups and small business owners passionate about the way business coincides with the progress of technology and vice versa. It’s all about leveraging the power of social media, the web, and mobile technology (to name a few) for business growth.

10. Google and Your Business
Google and Your Business

Finally, we have Google and Your Business, a blog for startups and tech-y entrepreneurs interested in utilizing Google’s tools to build and grow one’s business. What better way to end this roundup than with the very company who stands as the search gateway for traffic and sales?

Start your morning with a nice cup of coffee, a couple of articles from these 10 blogs, and learn from experts, thought leaders, and fellow small business owners from around the world.