10 Awesome Productivity Chrome Apps and Extensions

Running an online business means achieving efficiency when working online. The browser then becomes the fork in the road to either productivity or distraction, but you can certainly make it work to your advantage.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular, most used, and fastest browsers to download and use, and one of its highlights is the Chrome Web Store. This is where you can find and install applications and extensions to integrate into your web experience.

For today’s productivity roundup, I’ll be sharing 10 really cool Chrome productivity apps and extensions that can help you work more efficiently.

    • HelloFax – for those working towards a paperless desktop, HelloFax assists you by signing and faxing your documents online. It is also easy to integrate the app to your Google Drive account for easy and smooth viewing, signing, and faxing.
    • Speed Dial 2 – Speed Dial 2 transforms the New Tab page into a powerful dashboard where you can save your favorite and frequently visited pages. You can also use this extension to arrange your apps for easy and quick access.
Photo credits: http://www.one-tab.com/

Photo credits: http://www.one-tab.com/

    • One Tab – One Tab is a simple but nifty extension that saves 95% memory and reduces tab clutter by placing all of your open tabs into a single One Tab list. You can easily click on a tab when you need to access it again.
    • Google Drive – this app is pretty much a given for Google Chrome users who create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets right on the browser. It comes in handy when you need to create files that can easily be accessed and downloaded.
    • Pocket – you may spot or stumble upon an article, video, or audio post that you’d like to go back to later. Pocket is one of the most popular read later services, and its Chrome extension allows you to save links to your Pocket account to consume later.
Photo credits: duckduckgo.com

Photo credits: duckduckgo.com

  • DuckDuck Go – DuckDuck Go is a search engine that aims to provide a more valuable search experience through better instant results, less spam, reduced clutter on the search pages, and more. If you care about clean search and privacy, you can give DuckDuck Go a try.
  • Tomatoes – for fans of the Pomodoro technique®, Tomatoes is a great tool to use. Besides the timer app, Tomatoes gives you a glimpse of the day’s top “Tomatoers” and usage reports.
  • JustBeamIt – file transfer services are a dime a dozen, but they’re usually bloated, require you to sign up, and the process can take longer than expected. JustBeamIt simplifies the entire process through drag-and-drop and generating a share link.
  • Boomerang for Gmail – this is an innovative app that allows you to schedule a specific time when Gmail messages are sent or returned. You can write emails tonight and have Boomerang send them off tomorrow morning while you’re away from the keyboard or on vacation.
  • Evernote Web Clipper – the Evernote web clipper extension makes web clipping and saving articles and snippets to your Evernote account quick and easy. If you find useful info or really interesting tidbits on the web, use this to save and store them as a note.

There are hundreds of other Chrome extensions and apps to choose from the Web Store, such as business and developer tools to promote productivity and boost your business. Make sure to read the descriptions, reviews, and of course test the app/extension out yourself to see if it fits your needs.

What are your favorite Chrome extensions and apps?