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Awesome Offices That Inspire Productivity and Creativity

Imagine looking forward to the start of the new week, prepping yourself up for another great Monday morning. You can’t wait to drive to the office, meeting your colleagues and doing the work you love. Sounds interesting, right? Well, every professional would want to do business in an environment that is comfortable, motivating, and fun.…

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15 Inspirational Business Quotes To Get You Moving Again

Running a business can put a lot of weight on your shoulders, especially when the unexpected sets you back. Your website goes down. A disastrous mishap throws your product launching out the window. You don’t have customers knocking on your door for months. These things can dampen your motivation and entrepreneurial spirit, and I know…

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7 CRM Solutions to Help Grow Loyalty and Sales for Your Business

Your business has grown over the years, and you’re seeing progress. Sales are going up, customers are aware of your brand, and your website is getting hits of up to a hundred thousand a month. Excellent! But with a growing customer base, you’ll need to keep track of all of the information efficiently and productively.…

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7-Item Small Business Checklist For The Budding Entrepreneur

Thinking of starting your very own small business? You feel that you’re ready to build your own startup company? First off, I congratulate you. Not many would have the courage and enthusiasm to start their own business. It’s a challenge that will test your skills, smarts, and self-determination. But you can give yourself an edge…

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5 Things to Avoid When Choosing a Domain Name

They say that the moment you name something, you become attached to it. I’m sure that as a startup founder or small business owner, your business is more than a manifestation of that. It’s your investment—hard work built from you heart, body, and soul. It’s your creation, your baby, and you would do everything to…

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How to Test Your Product Before Launch Day

A business can never be a business without marketing. A business without a product to market is an idea never born. The product or service is the core of every marketing strategy, every business decision, and every penny you invest. Without a good product that sells and sells well, it can lead to costs you…

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Here’s How to Pick the Right Name for Your Small Business

Your business is ready to be born. Business plans are in motion, operations are in full swing, and you’ve got staff working on the backend of your new small business. All that’s left is, well, giving it a name.

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The Top 10 Internet Marketing Blogs To Add to Your Reading List

The web has changed the way people market and do business completely. With the internet on your side, you can sell products and services without any physical or geographical limits. Your business can reach thousands of customers interested in your product, reaping thousands of dollars in sales. This can all happen through excellent internet marketing.…

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10 Awesome Business Blogs You Should Be Reading

Thinking of starting a small business, but are hesitant by the lack of know-how to get the ball rolling? The fear of starting a business is usually because of the lack of knowledge on how to do so, followed by how to sustain it after leaving your starting point. One of the best ways to…

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The Marketing DOs and DON’Ts for Small Businesses

Here’s some marketing food for thought: No matter how great your product is, it’s the marketing that determines the sales. — Vivek Wadhwa True enough, a product will not bring success to a startup’s doorstep on its own. In the long run, it is marketing and how it is employed that will determine the success…

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