7 Firefox Add-ons to Boost Your Productivity

Recently, we took a look at 10 productivity apps and extensions for Google Chrome for the busy and productive Chrome user.

In today’s post, we’ve listed 7 add-ons and extensions that Firefox users can utilize to boost productivity while browsing the web. Whether you’re reading online articles or taking screenshots for work, these add-ons should come in handy for you.

  • Evernote Clearly – Evernote’s Firefox add-on for clean and easy web reading. A web page, blog post, or online article is transformed into a readable document right on your browser. And if you don’t have the time to indulge, you can save it to your Evernote account for later.
  • Pocket (formerly Read It later) – you can save web pages, audio, and videos for later consumption with the Pocket add-on. All items saved are synched to your mobile phone, tablet, and computer, so that you can take these with you wherever you go.
  • Photo credits: http://awesomescreenshot.com/

    Photo credits: http://awesomescreenshot.com/

  • Awesome Screenshot Plus – this add-on takes snapshots of either the whole web page or portions of it while allowing you to annotate your shots with shapes, lines, text, and blur for sensitive information. This is a handy alternative to image editing apps you’d have to launch to do the same task.
  • New Tab Plus – Firefox’s New Tab gets a makeover with this new extension, which comes with various functionalities such as speed dial, cloud backup and addition. It works almost as similar as the Speed Dial 2 extension for the Google Chrome browser.
  • Feedly – the Feedly add-on organizes your RSS feeds so that you can read and share articles productively without feeling too overwhelmed with the number of blogs, websites, and feeds saved. Feedly is also a cross-platform app, so you can use and access it with other web browsers and on your mobile phone.
  • Ad Block Plus

    Photo credits: http://adblockplus.org/en/firefox

  • Ad Block Plus – nobody likes intrusive ads and banners getting in the way with their browsing experience. To remove them, simply install Ad Block Plus, which removes ads, banners, and tracking activity completely when using Firefox. More than just returning to focused browsing, you regain control of the internet.
  • ReminderFox – ReminderFox is your little assistant tasked to display and manage lists of reminders and to-dos, keeping you focused and up to date with what needs to be done. You remember every important date on your calendar with alerts and alarms that appear right on your browser.

There are many more Firefox add-ons designed to boost your productivity and focus. Just visit the Mozilla website and browser through the large gallery of add-ons for the tools that fit your needs.

Firefox users, what are your favorite add-ons and extensions to enhance your productivity? Share them in the comments below.