Geo Targeted Local Search Marketing

Geo Targeted Traffic Map

Actual traffic results from a highly targeted Rank Local search marketing campaign in Houston, TX. Orange circles are where website traffic originates.

The Key to Getting Better Leads From Local SEO

Your business is local and so are your customers.  We target only local/highly relevant customers so that your business will reap the rewards.  Our Geo Targeted Distribution System (GTDS) provides local consumers with comprehensive and compelling information about your business. We tag latitude/longitude point codes to your individual business location for maximum performance in the search engines.  Providing a significant web presence at a cost effective price is the end result.

Get Relevant Visitors

We use “Geo targeting” to determine the physical location of a website visitor based on the nature of their inquiry and then deliver your specific content to that visitor based on his or her location. Our geo targeting technology enables us to match your business with consumers in your local area.

High Traffic Targets

Imagine a local search marketing campaign so laser targeted that it could reach up to 99% of the potential consumers in your city.  We target the most highly trafficked web properties to put your business in front of more local consumers that are ready to buy the products and services you offer.


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