Local Maps SEO

Geo Targeted Traffic Map

Actual traffic results from a highly targeted Rank Local SEO campaign in Houston, TX. Orange circles are where website traffic originates.

In order to grow your business you need hyper-targeted, highly effective leads. We, more than traditional SEO companies, understand that your business is local and so are your customers. We understand how to get better leads from your SEO. We target only local/highly relevant customers so that your business reaps the rewards.

Get Relevant Visitors

Search engines use “geo targeting” to determine the physical location of a website visitor based on the nature of their inquiry and then deliver your specific content to that visitor based on his or her location. Our Geo Targeted Distribution System (GTDS) provides local consumers with comprehensive and compelling information about your business. We tag latitude/longitude point codes to your individual business location for maximum performance in the search engines.  A significant web presence is the end result.

Whether you perform a search from your desktop computer or your smartphone, if there’s a local provider in your area offering that service, there will be a “local result” there. The question is, is it your business that’s capitalizing on this trend or is it your competition? Fact is, if you serve your local community and aren’t optimized for local search then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to attract more business from the search engines.

That’s Great, But How Do You Do It?

Local Maps SEO is all about sending the right signals to Google. We set up a communication line so that Google understands your business, what you do, where you are located along with what your service area is. Your business has to be set up correctly from the start in order to leverage this change in consumer behavior.

We will help you understand how we maximize communication from your website to Google. We will use schema markup to communicate your service location. We will make sure to set up a Google My Business profile, then we go to extreme lengths to make sure that all the important local signals are being sent to your website, consistently building out profiles on relevant and authoritative sites across the web.

High Traffic Targets

Imagine a local search marketing campaign so laser targeted that it could reach up to 99% of the potential consumers in your city.  We target the most highly trafficked web properties to put your business in front of more local consumers that are ready to buy the products and services you offer.

Google uses signals from these sites in order to classify and rank sites across the web. By building these “local citations” which include your company name, business address, phone number and URL (website link) we are sending positive signals to the search engines about your company. This in-turn will build your website’s value in those communities which does two things, increases traffic from those websites and ultimately increases your overall search presence.

Whether your business has one location or one hundred, we will make sure that you are getting in front of local consumers by properly optimizing your website for local search results.  If this sounds like it could be beneficial to your company then let’s talk.